My Plane Ticket Buying Checklist

This is a list of things that I have found useful to keep in mind and double-check when I am booking a flight. They don’t all apply to every flight, but are useful to make sure I haven’t overlooked anything important when I am pushing the “book now” button.

  • Be careful to make sure you are using names exactly as they appear on Drivers License or ID when booking flights. Names should also be consistent on passports and visas.
  •  If you are entering a country on a visa, make sure your plane ticket schedule is within the time frame of the visa and that your passport is valid for at least six months after your return.
  • When deciding on the best flight to book, think about departure and return times. Are they workable for you as far as getting to the airport on time, picking up rental car, etc.
  • Choosing the most direct flight is usually the priority for me because each stop increases the length of the flight and increases the chance of delays.
  • Seat selection- In my experience, as far as economy seats go, the last row of seats has the least amount of leg room. The emergency exit seats have the most
  • Check flights into other airports near your destination.
  • Make sure you are aware of carry on sizes, checked bag sizes and fees, as well as fees to make changes to your ticket. All of these can vary by airline.
  • Use a site such as or to be alerted when prices drop.
  • If I find a price I like on sites like Priceline, Expedia, or Kayak, I compare that price the airline’s site. I book directly from an airline if they can meet the comparison site prices. Also check Southwest and Ryanair airlines. They may not show up on comparison ticket websites.

Many experts also give the following advice:

  • Tuesday and Wednesday can be a good time to purchase tickets at their lowest price. Ticket prices often go up on the weekends.
  • Wednesday can be the cheapest day to travel, followed by Tuesday and Saturday.

A collection of some sites I find useful: and are great for receiving alerts when flight prices drop. is a one stop site with lots of useful info and links.  I love this site for creating packing lists and travel



Whew! That’s a lot to think about, but then I can buy the tickets with confidence that they are the best ones to suit my needs and I will have a wonderful trip!

Happy travels and thanks for reading!

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